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Referral Program

Referral Program

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Dispatching Now: Our New Referral Program

Jptechtrucking was created with one overarching goal: to let truckers make more money — and keep more money. We’ve been doing this by offering a wide array of business services and giving clients choices. If they only want one or two services, that’s all they need to get. If they want comprehensive trucking business support, we are happy to take care of it.

Now, we’re giving clients the opportunity to earn even more money with our referral program. 

How It Works

Our clients tend to spread the word about our invaluable support, and they want friends and colleagues to benefit from us as well — but now, they can earn up to $400 for every new client they refer to us and who starts working with us. There’re a few simple steps:

Step 1. Refer a friend by sharing their contact information.

Step 2. They sign up for our services. 

Step 3. After the new client uses our services for a month and pays at least $500 commission, you get the first $100 as appreciation for your referral.

Step 4. You receive another $100 after the new client uses our services for two months and pays a minimum of $500 commission for the second month.

Step 5. Take another $200 gift for your referral after a new client works with us for three months and pays at least $500 commission for the third month.

There is no limit to how many people you refer. For each and every new client who signs up with us because of your referral and does business with us for at least three months, that’s another $400 in your pocket.

Note that the months the new client works with us must be continuous to qualify to receive money under the referral program.

What’s in It for Them?

By referring them to Jptechtrucking, these new clients get the indispensable support we are proud to offer owners-operators.


Jptechtrucking provides essential dispatch services across the US. Using our connections and networks, we are able to find the best loads and negotiate rates on your behalf, so you spend more time doing what you do best: transporting loads. Clients get 24/7 support and are never forced to take loads. We work for you, and we never forget that.

Billing and Document Management

Jptechtrucking does all the tedious billing processes so you can concentrate on growing your business. Your job is to drive your truck and get your loads where they need to be, when they need to be there — not wasting time with invoicing and mundane administrative tasks, or chasing payments. We take that on because our job is to let you do your job.

Safety, DOT Compliance, IFTA

Many owners-operators starting out (and even seasoned truckers) take a lot of the statutory requirements and paperwork for granted — but any trucking business needs to be on top of this stuff to continue operating. The problem is, your time can be better spent actually doing the work. That’s why Jptechtrucking is happy to take over compliance and related activities as part of our commitment to help make you more successful.

Support You Can Count On

Just as we trust our clients to know what they do best and how their time is best spent, our clients trust us to provide reliable trucking business support. Whether you just need a few administrative areas off your plate or prefer to have us do all the tasks that would take you away from making money, Jptechtrucking is by your side, at the ready. Contact us today to find out what truck types we support, learn more about our new referral program, or get the support you need for your business.

Fill the foam to invite somebody