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Dry Van

Dry Van

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Our Dry Van Dispatch Service — Supporting You as You Do Your Best Out on the Road

Negotiating a fair truck driver hourly rate for freelance logistics drivers and truck owner-operators across the country

Dry vans provide a huge benefit to clients across the United States, keeping their goods and safe and sound while they are out on the roads. With protection from wind, rain and other elements, dry van units and drivers make an enormous contribution to the logistics operations that power our country.
To achieve the best for your clients, you need a friendly, honest dry van dispatcher to support your efforts. This is where Jptechtrucking comes in — we have spent years building great relationships with drivers, providing a solid foundation so they can get on with what they do best.

Want to know more about the transportation business? Read the success story of a dry van owner who managed to raise his revenue per truck by over 20% using our dispatching services.

The Jptechtrucking Van Dispatch Service — Providing an Honest and Reliable Experience

Here at Jptechtrucking, we aim to become your partner, providing dispatch services in an honest, friendly, and fully transparent manner. Take a look at some of the factors that keep our clients coming back to us.

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