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Company Formation

Company Formation

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Company formation

So you’ve decided that you want to work in the trucking industry. You love to drive. You love to help people and businesses. You want to be an integral part of today’s economy. You want to start up a trucking company but don’t quite know how, or you are familiar with the process but want some support to ensure that you do everything right. Jptechtrucking is here to help. We can help you create the company, register your trailers and vehicles, and get all the necessary documents and paperwork to get you up and running. We’re happy to support you, whatever stage in the process you are.

Creating the Company

When creating your company, there are a number of steps to take according to the General Corporation Code, including:

While we can’t provide legal advice, we can certainly help you handle all the filings and documents.

What is Jptechtrucking?

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Jptechtrucking  job is to provide the best loads in the market for every driver. Our expert team ensures that drivers from any region and state get high-quality and best-paying loads.

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Title For Trailer and Trailer Registration

Whether you buy or lease them for your business, all trailers must be titled in Delaware and registered. Only then will the state permit them on highways. 

How to Get a Title for a Trailer

The title for the trailer process typically starts at the DMV — but you can fill in forms online to save time. If you have purchased or leased the trailer, the prior owner/seller or lessor should have completed a transfer of title into your name. This is proof that you own the trailer. If you bought the trailer brand new from the manufacturer or dealership, you will need to fill out a title application.

Registering Your Trailer

Trailer registration is simply a matter of providing the DMV proof of ownership (the title or bill of sale of your trailer) and filling out the registration application. You will, however, have to prove that you have paid all applicable taxes and obtained the proper insurance for your trailer.

How Much Does Title and Registration Cost for Trailer

Assuming there is no lien on your trailer, the fee for the title is $55. The yearly registration cost for trailers — going by weight — is as follows: $15 for up to 1,000 pounds; $20 for 1,001 to 2,000 pounds, $40 for 2,001 to 5,000 pounds; and for trailers weighing more than 5,000 pounds, there is an additional $18 for every 1,000 pounds.

Note that if you are going to move loads through different states, you will need to obtain “apportioned registration.” You complete this registration in your home state so that you can hop through other jurisdictions without having to get multiple permits or registrations. You pay fees everywhere you operate, proportional to however many miles you log in each state.

Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax

In addition to your regular business taxes, as a carrier, you will need to remit a heavy highway use tax return to the IRS every year. This tax applies to operations involving vehicles with a gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more on public highways.  

The Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax return or HVUT is a yearly federal tax paid to the IRS for operating heavy vehicles at a gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more on public highways.

Taxable vehicle gross weight is calculated as follows: (1) the fully equipped, unloaded vehicle weight; (2) the fully equipped trailer or semi-trailer; and (3) the maximum load weight carried on the vehicle and attached trailer or semi-trailer.

How to Check Driver Record

If you are going to be hiring drivers for your trucking business, you will request a motor vehicle record check for each person. There are two ways to get a motor vehicle driving record of someone other than yourself: in person or via mail. You can choose to obtain a three-year, five-year, or full driver record, and each report will cost you $25.Any questions about the process, or want to know how Jptechtrucking can get your business on the road? Contact us today.

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Very simply, we buy you time so you can make more money. Most owners-operators get into this business to drive loads and make money, then find themselves bogged down by all the paperwork, regulatory requirements, and negotiations — things that keep you from doing what actually makes you money. By taking on all the business support activities you would like to offload, jptech trucking allows your business to run efficiently — and for you to take on more loads. In addition, when it comes to negotiating, we aim to get you the best rates for your loads, so you get to put more money in your pocket.

Surprisingly, no. If you want to recruit capable and competent talent, you need to develop and undergo a pretty vigorous recruitment process, which takes time and — if you need the services of headhunters — money. Even if you find what you are looking for, you will most likely need to provide office space — yet another expenditure — and in some cases, further training. Meanwhile, as many of our clients have admitted, hiring jptech trucking turns out to be more cost-effective than even having one full-time dispatcher. Our industry expertise, networks, and experience make us the best at what we do.

Nope. You hire jptech trucking on a month-to-month basis. We don't make trucker drivers commit long-term upfront because we believe in earning your business. If you aren't happy, we aren't happy, so we'll work hard for you. But we also believe that all business owners should have the freedom to work with whomever they want. It's important for us to keep that freedom for you.

Signing up with jptech trucking is a breeze since you can submit documents to us online.

- First, you sign our Dispatch Carrier Agreement, a document that clearly sets out our responsibilities and our responsibilities. This is meant to protect both of us — it is not a long-term service contract by any means. Our services are month-to-month, and you are not penalized for discontinuing our service.

- You will also need insurance that names jptech trucking as the certificate holder. This is common industry practice for shippers, dispatchers, and brokers — it just allows us to conduct business at your behest and on your behalf when you want us to. Make sure the insurance sets out liability as well as cargo coverage.

- We also need the Carrier Set-Up Package and references for the shippers and brokers we work with and for our records. Your MC Permit and signed W9 form should be here as well.

- At jptech trucking, we keep impeccable and accurate records — and always maintain compliance with all safety, regulatory, and industry requirements — so we also need a copy of the CDL for each driver we will be dispatching.

We provide our clients with truck dispatching, billing, paperwork, factoring service, rate negotiation, IFTA reporting, accounting and other services. You can either choose a comprehensive service package or several products that you need for your business.

From 5% of gross